Import MBS or DVA Fee File

Import the MBS or DVA fee update file to Helix to update the MBS and DVA fees charged by your health service.

Before you begin

  • Update Fee Schedule

About this task

Import or upload the MBS or DVA file in Fee Schedules > Upload section.


To import the MBS or DVA file:
  1. Download the MBS and DVA update from Medicare Online, MBS Downloads.
  2. Select User iconuser > Settings iconSettings.
  3. Select Billing > Fee Schedules.
  4. In the Fee Schedules window, select the Upload tab.
    Fee Schedules- Upload tab
  5. In the Choose a file field, click Browse and locate and select the MBS file you have previously downloaded from Medicare Online.
  6. In the Effective Date calendar, select the date at which the new fees will be effective. The default date is the current date.
  7. To import the file, click Import.


The new fees are imported and the MBS and DVA fee schedules are updated.

What to do next

Your practice might have other fees that require updating, or the fee lists doesn't update the fees you require. You can manually update any remaining fees for your practice. For more information, see Fee Schedules.